Eastbourne is a fishing village of about 2,000 people, along the southern coast of Howff, the land that you are all currently traveling in, or stuck in, as the case may be.

You are all aware of the following facts about Eastbourne:

*there is likely to be a council that acts as a governing body for the families, fishermen, and guilds that make up the political factions of the village

*there are sea fishermen and estuarial fishermen, and they do not always get along

*there are significant marshlands and swamps close by, which remain unexplored and dangerous

*while most seagoing traffic is local, there are occasional vessels with more exotic destinations

*there are two larger towns within two or three days travel from the village—Weirport and Poore. These have about 5,000 people, but are, according to rumour, notoriously dull and/or restrictive…they may prove useful in the future, for trade or advancement. Time will tell

*gossip suggests that Eastbourne has some worthwhile opportunities for nascent adventurers


Koné Anthologos