Some huntings, some hauntings, and a quartet

The group of four adventurers is currently investigating a house they have been told is the lair of werewolves, or hauntings, or worse. They are aware that ghosts and haunted entities are not what they seem. The demi-diabolic rogue Temerity has also been given an assignment of locating a shipment of contraband that is coming into Eastbourne at an unknown time, via an unknown means, with an unknown traveler. Content Not Found: null wants to explore more about his character’s mysterious temple background as a cleric for Twyll (or Lutra), the great Trickster, god of game, play, deception, patron of gamblers, con-men, and rogues; the party knows that he [an urchin] has spent time in several of the villages and towns in the area, including Eastbourne, which he knows (or at least knew) fairly well some years back. He has been disappointed to learn that the old codger Joew, who once ran the inn known as the Rusty Bucket (an establishment frequented by estuarial fishermen in the area), has apparently left. Meris the sorcerer is trying to learn more about her magic’s origins, possibly related to water elementalism. Curtal, the barbarian, has thus far been reticent with information, although she has revealed that she has spent time on a ship or ships, and is in need of money. Meris [whose background is folk-hero] has sketched out that she is also familiar with the sea, having been involved in traveling and obtaining much-needed sundries and exotic materials for her rather isolated home village.

The adventurers did not know each other until Temerity, abrasive at best yet in haste for information concerning her, reluctantly accepted the proffered aid of the far-more gregarious Hiracs, who claimed some knowledge of Eastbourne and its inhabitants. This unlikely pairing hopes that Curtal and Meris, as women with knowledge of nautical affairs, might provide them with a clue regarding merchant traffic, but as they are strangers, new to the port, they can provide nothing except companionship, and perhaps some muscle.

Jorene (barkeep at Inky Eye, remembered Hiracs): claimed her lover has vanished mysteriously…perhaps involving the town council?

Rogger: claims that the old house is haunted

Unknown pair, who had spoken to Rogger (whereabouts now unknown one last seen entering the Rusty Bucket)



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